Oct 17, 2018
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Nail Art Tricks

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Nails are an integral part of the fingers. It is very important to keep the nails clean to maintain hygiene. Properly maintained nails also give a very good look to the fingers. To make them look good, we can resort to nail art which help to beautify the nail. Nail art began in the early period. The procedures used then were henna painting and applying fragrance. Nowadays nail art mainly consists of cutting, decorating and caring of nails. Nowadays nail art is an important job undertaken by beauticians in the beauty clinics.

By little imagination and patience we can do nail art by our own. Before doing the nail art, clean the nails properly and then shape them well with nail clippers to look even. Before doing the nail art, first collect and keep aside everything for the nail art. Firstly, toothpicks to make dots, pointed painting brush, base coat, nail polish or acrylic paints, acetone, sparkles, beads, jewels, nail stickers etc.

Nail Art Tricks

Nail Art Tricks

Before doing nail art, it is necessary to give base coat to the nail. Light colors such as pail, pink, white or any other base color can be used. Give two base coats to the nail. It strengthens the nail and gives a better finish to the nails. Then begin the nail art. It is important to take care while doing nail art that each color of the nail is completely dry before you apply any other color or design over it otherwise spreading or mixing of the color can occur. Use different colors. After finishing the nail art, don’t forget to apply a top coat to the nail. It helps the design to shine well. If any allergy occurs, remove the paint by acetone.

Simple designs are good for nail art. Designs such as grass, small leaves, small flowers, simple dots and abstract designs look got for nail art. We can stick sequence, small shining stars and mirrors can also be used in nail art. Select acrylic paint for nail art because they are vibrant and they have different designer patterns. They are good for daily use, dry very fast and durable also. If any allergy towards some colors avoid them while doing nail art. Now artificial nails are available in the market. By sticking them on our nails we can beautify our nails. But the glue used to stick this is harmful for the nails skin. So better to use nail art on natural nails. After the nail art is done little care should be taken while gardening, cutting or peeling vegetables etc. Avoid detergents because it can harm the paints applied o

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