Oct 17, 2018
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How to Create Cupcake Nail Designs?

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Have you ever thought about having cupcake nail designs? Just like the real cupcakes, these stylish are highly cute and adorable. They combine playful colors that result in very artistic and real-like cupcake images. Most people think that having such cupcake nail designs is difficult and you need to go to nail salon to have it done. In reality, you can actually do this design in your own, as long as you have the colors and the equipments.

Why Cupcake?

Everyone knows that cupcake is not only tasty, but it also comes in various attractive and cute designs. The combination of cute and unique images with the playful and colorful hues is the main reasons why such cupcake nail art designs exist in the first place. After all, most cupcake design includes pastel colors, which are always cute and stylishly timeless. Be sure that you won’t only look different and cute, but you will look classy and exclusive without too much fuss.

The Steps

Doing such cupcake design isn’t difficult. You can always find the cupcake nail designs tutorial videos or pictures easily, so you can make them as the guidance. Here are the basic steps to do the design:

  • Apply clear base coat. After it dries off, apply nude polish. It can be beige, cream, or pink – or other colors you like.
  • Apply the colors you like on the tips of the nails only. These colors will be the cases for the cupcake design. Choosing different colors is okay and be sure they are light colors.
  • Use darker tone from each color to create vertical lines on the top of the light basic colors. Use a special nail striper or thin brush to do it.
  • Create a dome on the top of the cases. It would be the icing. It is okay to cover the cases a bit in order to create dripping icing.
  • Use glitter polish – colorful, if it is possible – on the top of the ice. It should create tasty and colorful cupcake icing.
  • Apply clear top coat. It will make the style long lasting.
  • While the top coat is still a bit wet, add some rhinestones or flat pearls on the top of the icing.
  • Wait until it dries off, and then add the second layer of the clear top coat.
  • You’re done.

As you see, it isn’t difficult at all to create your own personal cupcake nail designs, is it?

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